Technology Consulting

City of Minneapolis, MN
IPS assisted the City of Minneapolis in the selection of a laboratory and operations data system. The first phase of the project focused on assessment of the City’s operation and lab practices and the functionality desired in a new system. The second phase of the project included the creation of work products to assist in preparing for the system procurement process and, ultimately, implementation.

City and County of Honolulu, HI
IPS was responsible for the procurement and implementation of a laboratory information management and operations data system for the Department of Environmental Services, City and County of Honolulu, HI. The project included the performance of requirements gathering utilizing a unique blend of process mapping and interview work sessions, development of a RFP to provide a mechanism to solicit meaningful and significant responses from the vendors and a review, selection, and implementation assistance including resolution of questions, evaluation of positives and negatives associated with each vendor response, and preparation of a holistic Implementation Plan, incorporating the vendor’s Work Plan, along with client and consultant roles and responsibilities.

Fort Worth Water Department, TX
IPS was responsible for improvement of the use and support of the Department’s laboratory and operations data system to meet current and future demands of its customers and regulatory agencies. Project highlights included evaluation of the existing product and its ability to meet the organization’s needs with specific attention to system customization, system reporting, customer access, staff usability, and system configuration; and identification and recommendation of specific improvements to both system deployment and business processes to streamline processes, increase staff efficiency, improve regulatory compliance, and enhance customer support.

Management Consulting

City of Mobile, AL
IPS worked in partnership with the City’s Planning, Council, Mayor’s Office and Stantec to prioritize and plan a 3-year $63M capital improvement plan (CIP). The team built a decision support framework to facilitate selection of the City’s most valuable and strategic capital projects using a transparent and defensible process. Through collaboratively designing strategic decision criteria, developing a portfolio of potential capital projects, scoring those projects against the criteria and leveraging an optimization model to select the best combination of projects, our client was able to layout a value-maximizing CIP that integrated feedback from all stakeholders involved. The net result provided an optimized 5-year plan that advanced the most important projects and adhered to budgetary constraints while readily gaining unanimous City Council approval. The City was also able to quickly determine which investments attained the highest ROI and similarly defer projects that did not provide the best benefit-to-cost returns, ensuring efficient and effective use of capital funds.

Seattle Public Utilities, WA
IPS is currently developing a Technology Services Strategic Plan for Seattle Public Utilities. Project highlights include the identification of a technology strategy that can guide, inform and enable SPU’s business strategy; development of actionable recommendations for change and improvements designed to optimize and align SPU’s technology systems and services with the goals and objectives of the SPU Business Plan, and completion of an IT Strategic Plan that outlines specific tactics and initiatives for implementing the IT strategy.

City and County of Honolulu, HI
IPS conducted a comprehensive Information Technology Master Plan which included the assessment of five (5) City and County of Honolulu Department of Environmental Services (ENV) Divisions. Project highlights included identification of opportunities to apply technology to improve operating efficiencies and overall Department performance; development of a Five-Year Strategic Plan that will move the ENV to a more current and ideal technological state; and creation of guidelines for future technology investments.

Metropolitan Water District of Greater Chicago, IL
IPS provided a thorough analysis, assessment, and evaluation of the District’s IT Department. Project highlights included assessment of the organizational structure and staff skills; technology infrastructure, systems and strategic direction; service offerings and deployment effectiveness; delivery of services (including policies, procedures and strategic alignment with business goals); and costs by function; benchmark of the findings against similarly sized and scoped Utility IT Departments; development of actionable recommendations; and presentation of the findings to the District’s Executive Team.

Software Development and Support

Los Angeles Bureau of Sanitation, CA
IPS is responsible for the support, maintenance and enhancement of the Pretreatment Information Management System software utilized to track, monitor, and manage all aspects of the Bureau’s comprehensive Pretreatment Program.

Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati, OH
IPS provides continued hosting, support and maintenance activities of our proprietary OMSConnect system for MSD of Greater Cincinnati. OMSConnect is an operations manual system that facilitates the capture, creation and management of information used by management, operators, and engineers to manage, operate and maintain operation facilities.