IPS recognizes that due to regulatory reporting requirements, budget limitations, and other unique business drivers, utilities sometimes need to consider custom software solutions to meet their needs. For decades, utilities and the engineering consultancies supporting them have developed customized software solutions, applications that can at once be integral to key business processes, and also virtually impossible to support over the long term due to the speed at which technology now ages, and the inability for utilities and their engineers to dedicate staff to maintaining a complex software code base that might be in place to serve one specific function within the organization. IPS has as an explicit strategy the adoption of these “abandoned” software solutions, applications that are left untended, run on old and non-compliant infrastructure, or are otherwise marginally supported and held together through the skill of a few dedicated individuals. Over the last decade, IPS has acquired software solutions that specialize in wastewater pretreatment programs, electronic operations manuals, and operational analytics. These solutions are now fully supported by a professional development team that includes architects, developers, business analysts, project managers, customer service specialists and quality assurance managers.

In addition to acquiring, optimizing, and supporting the custom software solutions that utilities already depend on, IPS is also able to develop new applications from the ground up, should it be required. Commercial solutions are always considered first, but our team is ready to use modern architectures and standard technologies to build fit-for-purpose applications that focus on usability and long-term supportability.

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